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Change Management 
Strategic Coaching 
Operational Sales Management

Qui suis-je

Who am I?

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Multilingual entrepreneur 



Key strategist, 

Efficiency driver,

Relationship builder


specialized in international business

  • More than 25 years of experience in sales development for Key Accounts in France and internationally

  • More than 10 years in hierarchical management and cross-functional management of multicultural teams.

  • Familiar with Scandinavian, German and Latin management styles.

Training in Emerging Change and transactional analysis (organizational field) 

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Training on the Leonardo 3.4.5 personality profiling tool


Trainer training


My identity in a nutshell


Over the last twenty-five years, I have built a busy and exciting professional career, constantly adapting and producing solid and lasting sales results for leading and challenging international companies of four different nationalities. 

Reaching the age of fifty, I decided to create REFACIO which means “to rework”, “to redesign” or even figuratively, “to repair” with the idea of reliving the professional problems that I had encountered but this time, with the position of someone who transmits know-how and above all who steps aside so that new generations can be the center of attention and become the new heroes of their own present and future projects.

 Practice of management and 

trade in 20 countries outside France 


My soft skills : 

Clear speech, open-mindedness, empathy and respect;

Structured work, task planning and autonomy;

Rational, factual 

and concrete

Lively, responsive, 

flexible and adaptable

Mes Domaines D'interventions

My areas of expertise :

I offer services to businesses in two main areas of activity: sales management directly linked to my historical experience and human resources through new skills acquired in supporting hierarchical dialogue and particular know-how in building autonomous teams.


Missions can take place in French, English, German or in a multilingual format depending on the needs of your organization. 

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Henry Ford

Support for organizations in France and abroad


Part-time sales management

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Sales training

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Transition management

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Consulting services

in human resources


Mentoring of managers and employees;


Managerial training

In management, one fad chases another. What is the ultimate formula for success today will be considered the obstacle of tomorrow. This is the reason why I chose to train and be supervised in Switzerland with professionals historically recognized in the field of supporting organizations: 


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You are an international company wishing to establish a long-term presence in France.

You are a French company wishing to sustainably deploy your activities in France and abroad on a long-term basis.

You are a company involved in a process of change and intending to achieve lasting success in your transformation.


Contact me

12 rue de Franche-Comté, Building C 

25480 École Valentin

+33 6 38 64 97 06

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