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If you are an international company wishing to establish a long-term presence in France, you've come to the right place.

During my career, I have been able to observe that, for a majority of managers of international SMEs, particularly those from Northern Europe, the development of the French market is a strategic prioritybut that they lack the time and skills to tackle this market. 

More generally, it is difficult for them to find reliable and committed managers who speak their languages fluently and understand their business issues and cultures. Recruiting a sales manager in France is complicated and expensive for them, while the sales agents available are not sufficiently involved in the company's strategy to sustain a significant flow of business with major French clients.

By choosing REFACIO, you interact with an experienced, solid and honest partner for all of your projects in France.

My twenty-five years' experience in sales management of international SMEs in the consumer goods sector has given me the skills and qualities needed to help you define your operational strategy in France. 

With a solid network of relationships in the fields of distribution, marketing, legal advice, accounting and recruitment, I am able to support you in your first steps in France to adapt your offering and get your products off the ground. More specifically, I'll work with you step by step in building your sales strategy according to the plan below:


Co-construction, validation and implementation of your sales strategy

  1. Initial framing of your project

  2. Diagnosis via market research and benchmarking of your competitors

  3. Definition of quantitative and qualitative objectives

  4. Assessment of financial and human resources

  5. Drawing up an operating budget

  6. Development of operational action plans;

Contact me

12 rue de Franche-Comté, Building C 

25480 École Valentin

+33 6 38 64 97 06

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