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Legal Notice

1. General information:
The website is operated by the individual entrepreneur Mr. Patrick Falempe. The company's incorporation date is 03-04-2023, which means it has been active for less than a year as of the current date. The company has been operating under the legal form of individual entrepreneur since its creation on 03-04-2023.
2. Company Contact Information:


  • Postal Address: 25 RUE LOUIS BLERIOT, 25660 LA VEZE

3. Company History:
The company was established 9 months and 15 days ago from the current date. For more information on the company's history, please refer to the dedicated section on the site.
4. Website Design:
The site was designed by For any questions or information relating to the design of the site, please contact them at the following address:
5. Website Hosting:
The site is hosted by Wix. For any questions or issues related to hosting, please contact Wix using the contact details provided on their website.
6. Limitation of Liability:
The current version of the site is a limited version. To access more features, please consider upgrading your plan.
7. Access to the Site:
Access to the site is subject to acceptance of the conditions of use. By browsing the site, you accept these conditions.

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