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If you are a French company looking to expand your activities in France and abroad, you are in the right place.

Throughout my professional career, I have been able to observe that, for a majority of managers, international development is a strategic challenge but that they are focused on the demanding requirements of the French market and that they don't know how to go about it. 

Generally, they find it difficult to make strategic choices between countries, to understand what is at stake for their business in the major European regions (North, South and East) and finally to find reliable and committed distributors, agents or employees, speaking at least English fluently and understanding their business issues and French culture. Recruiting an export manager in France is complicated and expensive, as is adapting one's sales organization to the deployment of activities in a globalized world.

By choosing REFACIO, your sales objectives in Europe become mine.

I am entirely at your service to meet your needs if you have in particular:

  • Decided to review or refine your commercial strategy

  • Identified new markets for your business in Europe

  • Decided to launch a new service or product in Europe

  • Made the decision to analyze and improve your sales organization

  • Chooses to audit your current sales team

  • Decided to improve your management tools and dashboards

Contact me

12 rue de Franche-Comté, Building C 

25480 École Valentin

+33 6 38 64 97 06

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