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If you're a French or international company involved in a change process and intending to achieve lasting success in your transformation by mobilizing the emotional intelligence of your employees in France and abroad, you have contacted the right person.

The excessive specialization of corporate functions and therefore the interdependence of each person, combined with high objectives, leads many teams to breakdown, individuals to burnout and companies to their operating limit. It is more necessary than ever to think about the internal ecology of teams and their sustainability.


In a VICA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world, I am also convinced that the company's decisions and regulatory mechanisms must be as close as possible to the subsystems to be regulated, in other words, to the field. In concrete terms, the time of extended hierarchical ladders and management through coercion is over. 


Finally, success today, materialized by being ahead of the competition, can only be obtained thanks to effective teamwork. Each manager must be able to activate the emotional and collective intelligence of their team. They  must build a sustainable team strategy.


After ten years of Scandinavian management, I believe today more than ever in the advent of the TBLO (Team Based Learning Organization) to meet the managerial challenges of our time.


By choosing REFACIO, your transformation objectives in Europe become ours. We are fully at your disposal to support you in your needs if you have:

  • Decided to launch a new product or service for your customers

  • Completed a business acquisition or merged with a new entity

  • Undertaking to launch a new digital or ERP project

  • Been required to apply new regulations

  • Made the decision to overhaul your processes or your organization

  • Decided to rethink your business project or your vision, etc.

With REFACIO, individual coaching for managers generally includes 10 sessions of 2 hours. Our tools and methods will allow us to set the following objectives with the interested party:

  • Support the manager in piloting the change system to ensure its success and sustainability

  • Develop your leadership over time according to your personal objectives

  • Provide the manager with a privileged support space to experiment with your ideas and strategic vision

  • Define the positioning and role of your hierarchical superiors and their team

Contact me

12 rue de Franche-Comté, Building C 

25480 École Valentin

+33 6 38 64 97 06

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